Intro to Geek #1, Shauncastic 100

Shauncastic 100

Yesterday marked the premiere of my new segment of “Intro to Geek” on, a weekly podcast of all things nerdy, geeky, and cool-y. You can also find the podcast on iTunes 🙂

This week features the 100th episode on Shauncastic. It’s quite a milestone for all of us, so it’s long. Like…3 hours long! While I highly suggest you listen to the whole pod, my vanity understands if you want to skip ahead to my segment: -3:00:20, a.k.a. 11 minutes in.

This week I take a look at 7 Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa. Is it a rent, buy, or pass? Joining me is Jenna Busch and host of the show, Shaun Rosado!

Enjoy the show!


One thought on “Intro to Geek #1, Shauncastic 100

  1. I really liked this one. Like most people I’ve heard of Seven Samurai but my dad is a huge Western fan and I’ve seen the Magnificent Seven more times then I really need to so I figured it was no real loss that I’d never seen this. Yet, I know that you’re a really tough crowd when it comes to stuff that came out before you were born and you’re glowing praise of this and your love of Japanese culture/anime probably tells me that this is something that I want to watch. Bravo for a great segment.

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