Grimm: “Bad Teeth” Review

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
and everywhere the ceremony
of innocence is drowned…”

 Warning: Spoilers may occur.

It’s back, it’s back! Grimm returns for another season of fairy tales creatures spinning the heads of all those procedural cop shows. Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off. And on the best part of the season finale, no less. Who’da thunk that Nick turned out to be such a kick-ass?

One major change we see right away is the intro. You have a disembodied narrator explaining what a Grimm is, and that fairy tale creatures walk among us. The style is very pictorial and dark…kinda like this banner above but with a splash of watercolor effect. It bothers me. It’s not bad, but I’d really prefer the original. This comes off as too reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1. It had a similar type intro before the opening credits kicked in.

 If you remember from last season, Nick’s girlfriend, Juliette, was scratched by a cat that was infected with a some bad mojo that put her into a coma. She’s still under the spell that is erasing her memory, and Monroe and Rosalee are hastily finding a cure. Then there’s Nick’s dead mother, also a Grimm, is not so dead after all.

The whole mother/son dynamic was played out real awkward. Intentionally? Maybe. I mean, I wouldn’t exactly expect a hardened Grimm bent on revenge for the last 18 years to be all warm and fuzzy, and boy is she not. In fact, she gives me the heebie-jeebies. More than once, you were expecting for her to do something suspicious. Her presence, however, is much needed in order to progress Nick’s growth as a Grimm. As for Nick, I get the feeling that the shock of his not-dead mother hasn’t quite kicked in yet. With all that’s going on, he may just be rolling with the punches right now. “You’re not dead? Aunt Marie knew you weren’t dead? I’m kinda pissed off, but…hey, what’s that?”

So why is Nick’s mom back in town? No, it’s not for her son. Not really. It’s to retrieve those dastardly coins and destroy them “One-Ring” style. Gangsta. Then there’s Kimura, who was revealed to have been sent by someone important guy. Speaking of, Kimura tells Renard that there are now two Grimms. This is obviously huge news considering that the last known Grimm before Nick had died recently. But instead of doing a double take and bug out, Renard simply makes a mental note of it and walks off. I’m sure something will come of this gesture. I expect hellfire and wrath raining down from Renard’s royal pedestal. If not, then Renard is suffering from Apathytohugenews-itus. You think it’s contagious?

Lest we forget the monster of the week? I can’t even spell the name, let alone decipher what Nick’s mom said when she identified it, so we’re gonna go with Sabertooth. He’s leaving a trail of murders throughout Portland to lure in Nick.

The entire episode, which ends on a cliffhanger, is one big giant set piece for the whole season. Remember that key Aunt Marie gave to Nick before she died? That comes back into play. So many things are happening all at once, it’s kind of hard to keep track of it all. As I type, I’m watching the episode again to make sure I got it all.

VERDICT: 3 out of 5, pretty good


-You see Hank, still all shook up, for two whole scenes. Just how much longer can Nick keep the whole Wessen/Grimm then from him?

-Guess now we know where the True Blood vamps go after they get staked. Hello, Nan Flannigan and Franklin Mott.

-To Nick: “Are you threatening me?” Nick: “I’m sorry, I must be doing it badly.”

-Eeeewwww, she just put her fingers in that dead guy’s holes!

-Can Monroe and Rosalee be a couple now? So cute.


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