Intro to Geek #2, Shauncastic 101

Shauncastic 101

The second episode of “Intro to Geek” is here! Firstly, I must apologize. It’s a struggling listening to the way I talked in this segment. Maybe it’s because it was just as much a struggle to speak about Tron than it was to watch it. Bam! Yeah I just laid down the gauntlet. You can listen to my segment right here, 11:28 minutes in. Or you can download the podcast at the end of this post.

I, being a 90s kid, was not so impressed with the movie. I do appreciate the visual effects and the pains the artists must have gone through to literally paint all the glowy effects you see in the movie. The story, however, didn’t do a whole lot for me. Or rather, the way it was executed. The idea was fun, who wouldn’t love to find themselves into a video game? But the overall storytelling felt a bit weak to me. I do enjoy the expanded series though, so I don’t entirely dismiss Tron. Legacy was fun, if not a little too serious sometimes, and the animated series (Uprising) progressively gets better because of true conflict that’s happening between the events of the first and second movies.

Today, it’s more of a nostalgia piece than it is a masterpiece. To get into the expanded series, I say watching Tron is a optional. If you really want to know how it all started, or you’re just curious as to why it’s still sort of a big deal, I say RENT it.

Joining me this week are Shaun (naturally) and Jenna Busch! You can download Shauncastic 101: Experience the Wonder [Woman] and listen to my segment 🙂


One thought on “Intro to Geek #2, Shauncastic 101

  1. I just want you to know that it is ok to be wrong sometimes. 🙂

    Seriously, though, I actually don’t know what point there is to watching the expanded universe if not for just love of the original Tron. The new stuff kind of seems to just use some of the most superficial details of the original movie without really thinking about the fact that these people exist in a computer world and therefore everything that you “see” there should be a metaphor for something inside the computer. One of the things that I thought was awesome about Tron was that computers were like magic boxes in the early 80’s. No one knew how they worked. Now that I’ve gone back as an older guy to rewatch this thing I’m noticing how much effort they put into getting the details and terminology right so that the entire world is a metaphor.

    As for the storytelling, it is very 80’s but I don’t think its worse than any of the other 80’s classics. Its got elements of War Games and its a simple story but it only needs to be a simple story. Plus you’ve got great performances by Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, and David Warner. What isn’t there to love?

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