Women of Geekdom Calendar 2013

So the ladies of Shauncastic decided to make a calendar. And I’m not talking about a kitten calendar in adorable, geeky clothing (though that is…Shaun, we should make a geek kitten calendar!). I’m talking about 11 fabulous women getting together to celebrate their geekiness. What started as a passing idea spawned from a “I’ll get nude if that’ll bring in more listeners!” comment Laura Rosado made during a Shauncastic recording somehow came this idea for a calendar. Roll your tongues up off the floors, boys, no one’s gettin’ nekkid.

We made a Kickstarter, got funded by some of the best fans ever, and even got some local media (among other fantastic online blogs) to talk about us.

To learn more about this cool-ass calendar, visit Women of Geekdom. Pre-orders begin Monday, August 20. The first few hundred will receive the “Kickstarter Edition,” which features some of the girls all decked out in D&D makeup playing the game of LIFE (or “Geek” to save us from copyright infringement). So go get ’em!


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