Comixology ‘Invincible’ Omnibus Sale


It took a while to get into the whole digital comics revolution. However, Comixology, the biggest online digital comics distributor, twisted my arm. Almost every week, readers are drawn in with huge sales (99c sales to be exact) whether it’s from select runs of classic to modern Batman, to Spider-Man, to Tank Girl.

This time around Comixology is selling two omnibus volumes of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible for just $24.99. If you’re only looking for single issues, #1-90 are just 99c each. If you’re counting your pennies, buying the singles separately may be for you.

Volume 1 contains issues 1-30, and Volume 2 has issues 31-60. I was into the series when it first started, but fell off somewhere in the middle. With issue 100 coming up over the horizon taking advantage of this sale is a great way for catching up, or discovering for the first time why this series is so awesome.

Mark Grayson is the son of the city’s superhero, Omni-Man. So when his powers finally kick in, naturally he aims to be his father’s son. Suddenly he’s faced with juggling high school life, girls, family, and saving the world.


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