Shadow of the Colossus #1


So I finally got my hands on the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, remastered in glorious high definition (Thanks, Matt!).

I decided to start on Colossus; I’ve heard about this one more than I have ICO. Note that I have not played either game before. I know, I know. Yes I had a PS2, but I wasn’t much of a gamer like I am now. Better late than never!

Right off the bat, I’m impressed by the scenery: the picturesque wide open spaces, the magnificent interior and exterior of the temple. I’m in love with the sweeping orchestral soundtrack, which only comes on during cut scenes or colossus encounters. There’s a particular score at the end of the encounters that make you feel sad for whatever reason. And appropriately so.


Story starts off with our protagonist entering the Forbidden Land and into a huge temple. He lays down the body of a young woman on an altar. Shadows from the movie Ghost pop up out of nowhere, rearing to attack, only to be destroyed by a light emanating from the hero’s sword. Then a disembodied voice greets the hero and then explains that the girl’s soul may return but only if the 16 colossi are destroyed. So off you go with your special magic sword to guide you and your trusty horse, Artax…I mean Argo!

One thing I noticed is that there are no random creature encounters for you to fight on between colossi. The main focus is to seek out each colossus, kill it, and search for the next one. So far I’ve only defeated two colossi, so the repetitiveness hasn’t kicked in yet. Whether this is a true issue for me remains to me seen.

For those of you haven’t played this game either, taking down a colossus is no short order. There’s no magic for you to shoot with, just a bow and arrow, and hacking away at a hand or foot won’t do you any good either. You have to find vital points on the body to bring down the colossus, one to make it fall so you can climb on it, and another (or more) to do actual damage. Yup! It’s like Wrath of the Titans only better! I didn’t actually watch that crappy movie; I merely assume from the trailers. I’m not at all far enough into the game to know why, but every time you kill a colossus, shadowy tendrils emerge from the giant and pierce through our hero. I wonder if it has anything to do with that “great price” the great voice in the sky said there’d be…

Two colossi down, 14 more to go! Check back here for more progress reports 🙂


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