Dungeons and Dragons and Vampires, OH MY!

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Hi, my name is Christina, and I play Dungeons and Dragons. Once upon a time, I used to make fun of people who played this game. I equated it to playing those Yugi-Oh! and Pokemon cards. Totally. Lame.

But then I met Shaun and Laura. Shaun was very adamant about adding another girl to his game, and he made an extremely good sales pitch. Lord knows if I even remember what convinced me to traverse to “that side” of gaming. I took to it pretty well aside from the fact that I essentially had to learn the rules on the way, and I had about four pages of stats, feats, abilities, items and their stats to look through. Oh and math. In case you didn’t know, I became an english major for a reason – so I wouldn’t have to do math. Thank you, handy dandy guy sitting beside me 🙂

I should mention that this is a homebrew game and the 4e rules are rather loose.

I started out as a rogue drow thief with a dhampiric twist, which made Shaun giggle. At the time, the group had two stringent followers of a sun god.

Some levels later, she was torn to pieces by the monster from Tremor  -_-

My teammates resurrected me, but botched the spell along the way and turned me into an eladrin. I was okay with it for a while, but I missed being a drow, so it somehow got retconned. Like particular details in the New 52 timeline, it’s all a bit fuzzy.

Over time, my character became more violent and decided to take on the Executioner Assassin class. I had fun with this class. I didn’t really use the poisons a whole lot, an element in which the Executioner specializes. I was too busy having fun choking out an enemy with my garrote.

Then, a few weeks ago, Shaun killed me. Yes, Shaun, you killed me, LOL! There was a caveat to this event, however, that I forgot. The last time I almost died died (a year and some change ago), Shaun told me that he had planned to bring me back as a full vamper. It was just a matter of time…

So now Chali is a full on vamp. Not only that, a Vampire Lord. Coincidentally, my group is getting ready to fight against a cluster of Vampire Lords who serve as generals for the big baddy, Xaphan. As we were building my character, I laughed maniacally. I knew full well what sort of trouble this would bring. Again, it’s only a matter of time now… >:)

Be sure to follow my tweets every Friday at 7:00 PM EST when I join my D&D mates Shaun (@pneumaz), Laura (@drmrstheawesome), James (@jhota42), Rico (@allprorico), and Dallas for our weekly event: #DnDFriday. I’ll post my character’s progress; what seems to work, what doesn’t, and so on and so forth.


One thought on “Dungeons and Dragons and Vampires, OH MY!

  1. D&D rules. I’ve had lots of fun playing the game over the years. Though I never moved on to the later editions; I stayed with 2nd edition and it worked out fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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