Cosplay ideas

So I’m still fairly new to this whole cosplaying thing. I never dressed up as anything on a day that WASN’T Halloween. Since Women of Geekdom, I may have caught the bug 🙂

After months of contemplating, I’ve narrowed a list of possibilities down to three choices. So guess what? I’m leaving it up to you readers who I’ll cosplay next year at Dragon*Con! Yes, I’m going. It’s decided. It was such a bummer not going this year.

Here are your choices:

Here are some visual references:


3 thoughts on “Cosplay ideas

  1. Er…more choices? Actually I have no idea what “rockability” Catwoman is but that’s definitely the best one up here. I have no idea what the pink one is and I loathe Princess Mononoke with a passion.

    1. It’s Rockabilly. And it’s a 1950s term used to describe the earliest form of rock and roll. There’s a whole fashion observed around this era as well.

      And no. You only get 3 choices. Bwahahaha!

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