Intro to Geek #8, Shauncastic 108

Shauncastic 108

Another episode of Shauncastic is out! Sorry for all of these delays. Busy, busy!

This week the cast talks about the Twilight Zone. I’ve only ever watched two episodes of TZ, and they’re the ones with the pig people and then William Shatner. Oldies but goodies.

This week I review James Cameron’s Aliens! I must say, this is my favorite so far, and I haven’t even watched 3 yet. By the time of this recording, I only watched the theatrical release, not the special edition like the picture I’m using. But I have by now.

So much freaking better.

I may have to suggest to Shaun to that we need to just do an entire podcast on the ALIEN series. I’m in lurve ❤

And don’t miss Jenna’s weekly Spears & Crumpets at the end of the program. She has the latest geek freshness you’ll not want to miss!

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 11:27
The Twilight Zone Discussion: 29:30
Spears and Crumpets: 01:44:27


One thought on “Intro to Geek #8, Shauncastic 108

  1. I forget, did you put the other quintessential 80’s horror/action franchises on your list – Predator and Terminator?

    I digress. Aliens was one of those weird movies that my parents let me watch when I was a kid. I say this is weird because my parents went through these phases where they’d declare that I couldn’t watch all kinds of stuff for fear of the effect that it’d have on me but then other times would be completely lax. So while I wasn’t able to watch GI Joe because it was to violent, I was able to watch Aliens. Go fig.

    Anyhow, I loved this movie and I saw it before i ever saw Alien. The main reason that I never watched Alien 3 was because its basically a retcon of the entire ending of Aliens. The original plot for Alien 3 (which actually got to a teaser trailer phase) was that Ripley was going to arrive back on Earth but in the time that they’d been gone, Earth had been taken over by Aliens. I totally would have watched that movie.

    My funny story about Aliens comes from my brother’s friend, Robert. He was eating Yogurt one day after we watched Aliens and I asked him what he was eating. He told me it was yogurt. I asked him if it was Bishop brand, Yogurt. He turned completely pale and would not touch yogurt ever again. 🙂

    Also I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Paul Reiser as a bad guy. SNL even spoofed it once and did Mad About You Aliens – Such weird casting.

    I need to see this extended cut now…

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