Intro to Geek #9, Shauncastic 109

 Shauncastic 109

Happy month of Halloween, girls and boys! All this month Shaun and friends will be talking about the best of monsters, ghouls, and various other scary stuff that’ll make you either scream of rapture and joy over the nostalgia or make you piddle in your jeans and hide in a dark corner. For me, Pennywise from Stephen King’s It will make me do the latter. This week the cast talks about their favorite monsters.

I won’t participate in this month’s podding since I spent the majority of my life being a wuss, but that doesn’t mean some of the scaries didn’t penetrate my childhood years. Aside from Pennywise, whose picture I can’t even look at without shuddering, I always think of Candyman, played by Tony Todd, when I’m asked what scary movie baddy creeped me out the most.

Come to think of it, I actually met Mr. Todd at Dragon*Con 2011. I saw him, walked right up to him (he’s so much taller than I expected) and said, “When I was a kid, you scared me the f*ck out. You still kinda do.” Of course, I was referring to Candyman while I was saying this and we both had a great laugh over it.

This week in “Intro to Geek,” I review the 80s classic Robocop. Let me just say right off the bat, I want to amend my verdict. I had originally said that this movie is a pass. After mulling the decision in my brain a little longer after the recording, I had a slight change of heart.

Coming in for the first time, I was expecting this movie to be an over-the-top, serious, action movie. I was totally blindsided by the weird cut-away gags and commercials, just the overall campiness, that I didn’t know what to think of the movie anymore. Like I said in the podcast, I did have fun watching the movie despite no longer knowing what I was watching. at the bottom of this post I’ll put up some of the tweets I posted as I was watching this movie.

I am now giving Robocop a RENT.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 3:00
Our Favorite Monsters Discussion: 19:30
Spears and Crumpets: 01:32:30

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