Intro to Geek #11, Shauncastic 111

Shauncastic 111

A little late, but Intro to Geek and Shauncastic are out! It [was] week 3 of Shauncastic’s “Long Halloween,” where the cast talks about some of the greats of movie magic makeup. We all know the creature baddie is the icon of any horror movie, but it’s only as scary as the makeup plastered artfully on its body. One of the greats that first come to mind is Freddy Krueger. Oh! and all of the WALKING DEAD zombies. Best monster makeup for a TV show. Ever.

There are of course subtle goodies that make a character just as ghoulish such as (again off the top of my head) Jerry O’Connell’s stitched up body parts and zipper chest on MOCKINGBIRD LANE. If I may add, Bryan Fuller has an eccentric, light-hearted view of death. He’s such an underrated guy with awesome (yet cancelled) shows under his belt (DEAD LIKE ME, PUSHING DAISIES). I hope that somewhere down the line, NBC decides to pick up the Munster revival if only as a type of mini series. Also, Eddie Izzard is Grandpa.

This week I talk about Mark Waid’s comic book series IRREDEEMABLE. It’s a 37-issue long series that poses the question, what would happen if a Superman-type character (Plutonian) finally snapped? Waid answers this question within the first few pages of the book, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. We all might as well bow down to our super-powered overlord, especially if he decides to take out China in one of his “fits.”

But of course, Waid doesn’t stop there. The reader also follows the Plutonian’s former teammates who are frantically searching for ways to stop the “mad god.” In the process, something worse than the Plutonian rears its ugly face.

The story is so sweet, so violent, and so very well done. Even if you’re not a comic book reader, you know Superman and how much of a boy scout he is. IRREDEEMABLE takes a look into what could happen if things didn’t work out so well, starting at the would-be hero’s arrival to Earth.

Simply a must read for everyone. We all love a What-If story, don’t we?

And be sure to stick around for the return of Spears & Crumpets, with Jenna Busch! This week she has a special announcement PLUS other miscellaneous nuggets in the world of geek 🙂

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 13:40
Magical Makeup: 27:05
Spears and Crumpets: 01:07:00


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