Meet Nissa, a pixie barbarian

So I play Dungeons & Dragons, 4E, have been for about 3 years now. I’ve been playing one drow character named Chali since Day 1. She’s been a thief, an assassin, and finally a vampire. However, since turning into a vamp, I’ve been having trouble…surviving. Go figure, right? I figure it might be a mechanics issue, useless slots no longer applicable to my character taking up space where useful bits should be. Shaun, our DM extraordinaire, and I sat down and reworked her moves list and such. Hopefully, it’ll all work out.

Of course! because I’ve been close to dying more times than I can count since turning vamp, I thought of maybe building a backup character. Laura jokingly suggested that I make a pixie barbarian. Naturally I clung to this preposterous notion and decided to make one. Instead of a striker, like Chali, this new character was going to be more of a defender. Now I kinda want to put Chali out of commission for a bit just so I can play with Nissa, the pixie barbarian 🙂









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