Intro to Geek #14, Shauncastic 114

Shauncastic 114

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! Hope you’re having a fantastic turkey day with family and friends. I’m gonna keep this short and sweet since I know you wanna get back to stuffing your faces with delicious pies. Or, actually, that may just be me 😉

This week the Shauncastic cast talks about potentially harmful trends we see fandom. Well…harmful trends and harmful fans (or trolls). I haven’t listened to this one yet, but I can take a good guess from the title, “The Hand that Feeds.” As fans, we demand a lot. And then some can be downright ravenous, or worse, inappropriately mean towards execs, writers, and etc. All I can really say to those fans: I admire your dedication to a property, but please, CHILL OUT.

This week’s Intro is an independent movie called ANOTHER EARTH. This was fun to record because Shaun and Laura HATED it. I liked it.

ANOTHER EARTH is about a girl, Rhoda, who inadvertently kills a mother and child, and puts the father in a coma for a number of years. She herself is put in prison for DUI. After Rhoda serves her time (5 years?) she tries to find her place in the world again, but is so far unsuccessful and sort of slips into a sort of depression. She finds that the father of the family she killed recently awakes from his coma, so she decides to investigate him, see how he’s doing, get close enough to him in a way that she can somehow find redemption with him even if she decides not to tell the father that it was she who killed his wife and kid. Another story unfolds in the background: a parallel Earth is discovered. It is implied that this Earth 2 is an exact copy of Earth 1, that is, until they discovered each other.

Throughout the movie, Rhoda is increasingly overwhelmed by guilt. She learns of a contest allowing certain people to travel/migrate to the other earth. Literally not wanting to live on this planet anymore, Rhoda enters the contest in hopes to start over and maybe discover the family she killed still alive.

It’s a very interesting concept that I was pretty taken with. It’s a quiet film, not like the type of Sci-Fi a bunch of us are used to seeing. As far as tone goes, I would put it more within the same realm as MELANCHOLIA (a movie I forgot to mention in the podcast!), and even BLUE VALENTINE and RABBIT HOLE.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 13:25
Harmful Fans Biting The Hand That Feeds: 28:55
Spears and Crumpets: 01:08:40

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Spears and Crumpets: Jenna Busch hosts this weekly segment introducing you to fresh awesome geeky things you should check out this week!
This Week’s Links Include:

HAHA, forget what I said about this post being “short and sweet.”


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