Intro to Geek #115, Shauncastic 115

Shauncastic 115

Hooray! Another episode of Shauncastic and Intro to Geek is out! This week Shaun, Nathan, and I talk about TV shows that have left us too soon. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them are from FOX.

Cancelled Shows the Cast Recommends

This week I talk about LOST BOYS. It was a very fun movie to watch, especially with Shaun and Mr. “Resident Hipster” James. Amidst all the romanticized vampire crap we’ve been getting over the past decade and beyond, LOST BOYS is a welcomed treat full of violence, mystery, teen punk rebellion, awesome music, and the Coreys.

It’s very 80s in tone and feel, but don’t let that deter you. The story still holds fairly well and the effects are nice and simple, very unlike today with all the wire work for (awkward looking) flying, or CG for just about everything else. It’s corny in some places, especially where the Corys are involved, but I find them very hilarious and just icing to an otherwise fantastic movie.

This movie is definitely worth checking out.

Spears and Crumpets: Jenna Busch hosts this weekly segment introducing you to fresh awesome geeky things you should check out this week!
This Week’s Links Include:

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 12:15
TV Shows Gone Too Soon: 28:00
Spears and Crumpets: 01:40:52



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