Breaking: Gail Simone dismissed from ‘Batgirl’

Batgirl new52

As a lot of you already know, Gail Simone — leading female writer to some of DC Comics’s critically acclaimed books such as The Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, and most recently Batgirl — announced yesterday via Twitter that she has been dismissed from writing further issues of Batgirl…through email.

On Wednesday of last week, new Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham informed me by email that I was no longer the writer of Batgirl.

First off, if you aren’t allowed to break up with you girlfriend/boyfriend over text or email, you can bet your patooty you aren’t supposed to take someone off a book presumably without any explanation over email. Emulating Chandler from TV’s Friends, “Could you BE any more unprofessional?” Classy.

Ms. Simone goes on to say,

But I want to give huge, huge thanks to the other creators in the bat-offices, and editors Bobbie Chase and [Brian Smith], champions all. And the biggest thank you of all to you guys for supporting this book so hugely and making it a commercial and critical success. I honestly don’t have the words right now to thank you all. I’m pretty choked up and it’s all gratitude, not bitterness. I am very proud of what we accomplished with Batgirl and it was an honor to get to write Barbara Gordon again. Love that dame.

We’ll know more as the day progresses as Simone has promised a formal statement soon. Interestingly enough, a Twitter follower asked if this has anything to do with not putting enough “women in refrigerators,” a subject she coined some years ago in reference to Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend being stuffed into a fridge by villain Major Force (Green Lantern #54, 1994). Simone’s answer: “Funny you should say that.”

I wrote an article about “Women in Refrigerators” back in college, in which I actually got to speak with Simone on the subject. I wonder if I still have it somewhere. Hmmmm…

I just want to say, this is truly sad news. I love Gail Simone’s writing. She is one in a small handful of modern female writers that has inspired me to decide to become a writer myself, she lends her wit and insight to every one of her characters, and her books are what kept me coming to my local shop in Columbia each month when I first started reading comics. To treat a critically acclaimed writer with such a heavy fan-base like they have done with Ms. Simone saddens me.

Let’s just hope DC Comics hasn’t completely terminated her services and just forgot to convey that in the email. *Fingers crossed*


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