Pacific Rim trailer reveals just how big of a nerd del Toro is

The trailer for Pacific Rim is finally here, and it hits all the big nerd points: Giant mechs, giant sea monster, giant mechs fighting the giant sea monster. Oh yeah, and there’s GlaDOS. Well at least her voice — that we know of so far 😉

Question: How can Guillermo del Toro get away with using the GlaDOS voice and not get in deep with legal troubles?

Answer: Valve actually put her on loan.

“I’m a big fan of Valve,” says del Toro in a New York Comic Con interview. I think it’s safe to say the director wasn’t just saying that. And we all know there is some level of nerd cred already in del Toro’s resume — he wrote and directed the Hellboy movies, wrote the screenplay for The Hobbit, and is apparently writing for the Incredible Hulk TV show (according to IMDB).

I’m inclined to say that del Toro just borrowed the voice of GlaDOS to sub for the mechs’ AI; however, this big geek would like to imagine a slightly deeper incarnation. Will the AI have the same name? Will she go rogue at some point? Will she offer cake as a prize for saving the world? Ah, to dream…

Back to the movie. Pacific Rim looks impressive. I’ve always loved del Toro’s creature designs, with Pan’s Labyrinth featuring some of his best on-screen works. The film screams old-school mech vs monster TV shows we all used to watch as kids. And I’m frakking okay with that.

Also, did anyone else catch a hint of a Neon Genesis Evangelion vibe? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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