Intro to Geek #16, Shauncastic 116

Shauncastic 116

Whew! Sorry about the delay, folks. Outside forces, and that pesky concept we call “being an adult,” sort of kicked Shaun and me in the balls a little. The universe thought it could take us down, but joke’s on it! We’re alive and kicking once again to bring you the latest flights of our geek fancy. Speaking of the universe taking us down a notch, the cast of Shauncastic talk about the impending apocalypse! Which scenario would you prefer (if you had to choose, of course)?

Let’s see… for me, I’d have to go with whole, mysterious power blowing all of our electronics NBC’s Revolution style (Note: I haven’t watched that show past the second episode, so if they somehow explained it by now…yeah that one).

  1. I like my zombies exactly how I like my Jurassic Park dinosaurs, fake and within the confines of a television or movie screen. If it does happen though, we have World War Z to help us out.
  2. Don’t get me started on the robot armageddon. We’re all fucked. Plain and simple. Might as well start bowing down to our robot overlords now.
  3. The same can be said if a virus breaks out, kills nearly all of the human race, leaving room for advanced apes to take over. Those guys are 100 times stronger, heavier, and more agile *bowing*
  4. If we’re hit with back-to-back natural disasters or get taken out by an asteroid…it’s been nice knowing you.
  5. Aliens. We can only hope that it’ll turn out like Mass Effect and enjoy hundreds of years of intergalactic awesomeness before the Reapers come to collect our asses. If not, lets hope our bacteria can infiltrate their forces and kill ’em dead. Or maybe Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum/Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin. Even better –> Sigorney Weaver.
  6. If we get taken out by humanity’s own weapons, well, screw those guys. Bitches.

Robot-and-Frank-ImageIn this week’s “Intro,” Shaun and I talk about Frank and Robot. I saw this before it’s limited August release thanks to the marketing team behind the Charleston International Film Festival (the best in the Southeast!) who gave me VIP tickets. Frank and Robot is easily my favorite movie this year. It’s sweet and endearing, and in some ways a little sad. It tugs at your heart strings while making you laugh all the way through. Missing out on this fantastic film would be like never filling that tiny empty space in your heart, and you’ll always wonder why. Seriously, go watch this movie.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 10:49
It’s The End Of The World As We Know It: 20:00
Spears and Crumpets: 01:26:22


The VERY DEPRESSING Ending of “Miracle Mile”

Spears and Crumpets: Jenna Busch hosts this weekly segment introducing you to fresh awesome geeky things you should check out this week!
This Week’s Links Include:


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