A new Shauncastic special: CommentGeeking!

Shauncastic 117

No “Intro to Geek” this time around; however! we have a special new event that we’re doing throughout the year: “CommentGeeking.” Yesterday we premiered with an all-day marathon of the first three Alien movies. It was so much fun! But did you know we had another one already in the digital can?

Our very first try at this fan commentary was on Cabin in the Woods. It’s hilarious, informative, and just plain fun. And our commentary is great too!

For legal reasons, we can’t have the movie’s audio playing in the background, so you would either have to sync up our track with your very own copy of Cabin in the Woods or just listen to us laugh out loud as Marty murmurs some witty stoner quip.

CommentGeeking will be a regular thing, but how often we do this particular feature is up to our personal schedules. At the very the least, once a quarter. In other words, to be determined 😉

Please! Send us your suggestions on what you would like us to CommentGeek on down below in the comments section.


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