Cartoon Network omits Green Lantern and Young Justice from list of returning shows

Today Cartoon Network posted a press release revealing a few things. Firstly, they are apparently the “#1 Boys Network.” I have only this to say about that asinine headline. Oh wait, I already have. What about us girls, huh?

Pending rant aside, the second reveal is a list of new and returning shows coming to their line up, including new DC Nation shows: Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman. Below is the full list presented in the press release:


  • Incredible Crew
  • Steven Universe
  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Clarence
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • Beware the Batman
  • Legends of Chima
  • Grojband
  • The Tom and Jerry Show
  • Total Drama All Stars
  • Adventure Time Special
  • Regular Show Special
  • The Powerpuff Girls Special
  • The Yoda Chronicles


  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • Annoying Orange
  • MAD
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • The Looney Tunes Show
  • Ben 10 Omniverse
  • Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.
  • Johnny Test
  • Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova
  • Beyblade Metal Fury
  • Almost Naked Animals
  • Scaredy Squirrel

Notice anything missing from the last list? That’s right, folks, it looks like Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice are missing. And…wait a minute. So is Star Wars: Clone Wars (just now noticing)?

Sinestro is not amused.

It’s easy to guess that Clone Wars will likely go to Disney XD (because all the cool, darker Disney cartoons go a channel I don’t have…) in light of the mega-corporation’s acquisition of all things LucasArts. The real problem is the absence of GLTAS and YJ. It seems like Cartoon Network like to play tug-o-war with our heart strings concerning these two shows. First they pull a sudden hiatus after  a mere two weeks of returning from their scheduled breaks, and now there is the apparent cancellation of both of these shows. Nothing is confirmed yet, but plenty of stirrings have blown up within the fan community on Twitter, including Giancarlo Volpe:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.02.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.01.35 PM

According to Volpe, and as far as we know right now, our favorite DC Nation shows are…CANCELLED. I’ll give you a moment to collect yourselves.

Final thought: GLOB! AND RIGHT AFTER GLTAS’s “LOSS!!!”


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