Intro to Geek #19, Shauncastic 120

Shauncastic 120 (Click me to listen!)

The Shauncastic cast talks about Star Wars! Mostly about LucasFilm acquired by Disney and the future of the series and franchise. I think the main message addressed here is that fanboys need to stop clinching in their seats trying to pull out the never-ending wedgie stuck up their asses and relax. Only then will you know true satisfaction… Or deal with the tread marks afterward.

MY contribution to this conversation is this: Star Wars THEME PARK. I’m glad Shaun addressed this in the podcast. I want a separate park TOTALLY dedicated to Star Wars, and not just some little corner somewhere in Hollywood Studios. Themed roller coaster rides, attractions, parades, all of it! And as a bonus, tributes to every other LucasFilm movie SUCH AS a themed ride modeled after the escape scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Also, I know the guys “don’t care as long as the story’s good” on whether or not there should be a centric female lead in the new Star Wars trilogy, but as a girl, I feel like there should be one. The boys had their fun, now it’s time for us ladies to take the helm and do it right 😉


  1. Centric female lead
  2. Because we rummaged through the journey of the Jedi, let’s see what the Sith are about. Like, straight to Sith, not an Anakin clone. Or maybe see Jedi who are classified to be in the “gray area.”
  3. Let’s get some more underground stuff (I’m excited for the 1313 video game).
  4. NO, SHAUN! No Christmas special! LOL


This week I talk about Valiant Comic’s Harbinger. Please excuse me if I seem tired. We recorded all of these Valiant reviews back to back right after commentating Cabin in the Woods — or some other big recording, I can’t remember.

Like Shaun says in Intro, Harbinger is like when Professor X is a total dick and runs an autocratic institution full of powerful youngsters. And on the flip-side, the hero of this comic, Peter, is Valiant’s not-so-charismatic Magneto type roaming the backroads of America collecting misfit “psiots” like him. I’m not saying that this is a rip on X-Men, but it is the closest comparison I can come up with to newcomers interested in reading.

Like all of the other Valiant titles currently out, Harbinger is smartly written, full of action and heart. Also, something huge is going to happen this coming summer *coughHarbingerWarscough* that will cross over to other titles, so keep an eye out!

I definitely recommend this book; it’s one of my top favorites, second only to Archer & Armstrong.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 12:15
The Empire Strikes Back: 29:45


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