40 days and 40 nights of social media blackout

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So I got this crazy idea in my brain: for Lent, starting Feb. 13 to Easter Sunday, I’m giving up the following forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (I don’t use Tumblr, Vine, or My____, but those too). Why, you ask? Firstly, I’m trying to be a practicing Catholic again; secondly, I’ve been so engrossed in Facebook and Twitter that it seriously feels like a problem. That and my staring at a screen for too long gives me wicked migraines.

Lent, as I’ve learned through 12 years of Catholic school (yes, I was literally a Catholic school girl–now get it out of your systems), observes the time Jesus spent in the desert before he began his ministry. He spent 40 days in the desert where he fasted and resisted temptation from the Devil. Lent in Catholicism usually lasts from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, at least that’s how I was taught; I hear the days were shifted around, but I don’t know them. Modern tradition includes at least one (major) sacrifice, regular confession, fasting, no meat (excluding fish) on Fridays, attending Stations of the Cross (this was held on Wednesdays when I was in middle school, and HATED it). The regular Catholic nowadays observes maybe 3 of these. Oh yeah, and Sundays are excluded from Lent, automatically allowing the participant to indulge on their sacrifice for one day. I don’t think I ever observed Sundays as “cheat” days, so I’ll continue that way of thinking.

But fear not! I haven’t given up on Intro to Geek, and I won’t disappear completely. I’ll still be on Shauncastic! and post regularly on this blog, especially when a new podcast is out. If you follow me on Twitter and like the blog’s page on Facebook, the updates will show up there as well – I set up WordPress to post automatically for me.

Now for an added bonus.

 I’ve decided to document my day-to-day on video. The plan is to do an activity a day (or at least talk about what I did) and video tape it. Each video will be no longer than 5 minutes(-ish), and all will be taped on my iPhone.

I would love for  you readers to email me suggestions on what to do (all legal and within reason, please!). You can even just send me an email saying hello. I’ll say “hi” back as well as give extra special credit to those whose activities I choose. One thing I haven’t quite decided is whether I should post one video everyday or video everyday, edit them all together, and post it as one little doc (like Life in a Day). What do you think? I have a poll at the bottom of this post.

During my 40-day blackout from social media, you can contact me with your feedback and suggestions at the official Intro to Geek email address: chasfemgeek@live.com

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights of social media blackout

  1. So out of my own curiosity your post states that you are “trying to be a practicing Catholic again”. Its none of my business but I find religious discussion interesting and I’ve often found your FB page to be somewhat anti-religious so was interested in some clarification if you care to give it.

    1. You seem to be negative on anything that you see from a religious nature. Can’t give real examples, its just a feel I’ve gotten when looking at my newsfeed. Knew you were going to church again but seemed you didn’t want to be so I was wondering what motivated it.

      1. No no. I’ve been negative about my mom “making” me do things I didn’t want to do like continue on with choir or read passages from a heavy-arse book in front of the entire congregation. That’s what I’ve been negative about.

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