Social Blackout – Day 1


Day 1 – “This was a mistake.”

My morning routine usually consists of waking up at 7AM, shutting off my alarm and going back to sleep until 8. At 8, I would lay in my bed in a daze and stare at my blurry tiger poster pinned to the ceiling over my bed. Thirty minutes roll by until I decide to check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, always checking for updates or replies. 9 o’clock.

This morning, the first day of Lent for me, was different. I had been dreaming of the night before, vivid memories mixed with fantasy. My stupid brain does that; it likes to fool me into a made up reality to keep me on my toes. What a bitch. 11 o’clock. Without realizing, I must have killed the alarm both times. My head pounded as soon as my pillow uncovered my eyes to reveal a burst of afternoon light. I lazily reached for my glasses and put them on, and then grabbed for my iPad as if it were a reflex. Because it was. I had gotten so used to starting my day to stare at digital messages someone may have left for me that it became second nature to me.

I completely forgot that I had deleted all social apps from my phone and tablet the night before just for this reason.

“What have I done?!” I texted to three of my friends. “Have I gone mad? Insane? Grr! Argh!”


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