Intro to Geek #20, Shauncastic 121

Shauncastic 121 (click to listen!)

Blockbuster season is coming to a theater near you. Are you ready? We made a list of notable movies coming out in the coming months, coupled with our own reactions and scores. Here’s a list of movies we discuss in this week’s episode, each linked to their own trailer. Enjoy!

The Trailers of this Season’s Blockbusters.
03/08 Oz: The Great and Powerful – Our Expectation Score: 23
03/29 G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Our Expectation Score: 32
04/05 Jurassic Park 3D – Our Expectation Score: 40
04/12 The Evil Dead – Our Expectation Score: 25
04/19 Oblivion – Our Expectation Score: 31
05/03 Iron Man 3 – Our Expectation Score: 36
05/17 Star Trek Into Darkness – Our Expectation Score: 40
05/24 Fast and Furious 6 – Our Expectation Score: 6
06/07 After Earth – Our Expectation Score: 26
06/14 Man of Steel – Our Expectation Score: 38
06/21 World War Z – Our Expectation Score: 16
06/28 Kick Ass 2 – Our Expectation Score: 29
07/03 Lone Ranger – Our Expectation Score: 24
07/12 Pacific Rim – Our Expectation Score: 38
07/26 The Wolverine – Our Expectation Score: 26
08/02 RED 2 – Our Expectation Score: 37
09/06 Riddick – Our Expectation Score: 26
09/13 Machete Kills – Our Expectation Score: 29

XO_009_CVRThis week we take a look at Valiant’s landmark title, X-O Manowar. Visigoth warrior, Aric, along and his band of loyal fighters, encounters a mysterious, otherworldly enemy called The Vine. He and his men soon find themselves enslaved by this alien race. Aric is able to escape his captors with the help of the Vine’s sacred armor, which bonded to him easily after rejecting so many others of The Vine. Back on Earth, Aric quickly discovers that thousands of years has passed and that the members of The Vine have hidden themselves within the human population.

This is definitely an exciting book to follow. You won’t get bored. I’ve yet to see a female character in this book, but hey, if you’re a girl, don’t let that fact alone bar you from reading this book. I mean…there is a ninja, who has awesome tech, AND HE’S A NINJA. You’ll understand once you listen to the podcast.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 11:00
The 2013 Blockbuster Season: 28:55


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