Social Blackout – Day 3

Found this on Femmissgeek. Very appropriate for my tastes, I think.

Day 3 – “Chocolates and the Apocalypse”

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting a video yesterday. I was pretty busy pretending to be a freaking beast at the gym. Benched 95 pounds for the first time. Say whaaaaaat? After that, I was just way too ocupado.

Definitely feeling the withdrawals of no Facebook and Twitter. I feel totally disconnected with everyone else, especially with people I don’t see on a regular basis and live out of town. I guess these are the benefits and drawbacks of social networking. You have the ability to keep in touch with people you know long-distance, and even with people you see just about every week. However, you get so immersed into what everyone is up to at every minute of the day, that you feel totally isolated when you cut yourself off from these digital windows.

With all this technology floating about in front of our fingertips, one forgets how communication and relationships were maintained, say, 20 years ago. “Phones were used to talking?” “What is this post mail you speak of?” “WTF are pagers and how did you manage to put messages on them through those primitive land line dinosaurs back then?” I actually still don’t know the answer to the second half of that last question.

Out of boredom yesterday morning, I was flipping through apps on my iPad. I found this one app that had a little sound board with buttons containing all the phonetic symbols respectively. I took a college course some years ago called “Development of Modern English.” It explored the evolution of how our language came about today. Hardest class I ever took, but the most enjoyable. The easiest part of that class, for me anyway, was learning the phonetic symbols and then using them to spell out words according to how we pronounced them. So seeing this one app brought me back to that class, and I immediately downloaded it. Below is the picture of the sound board:


So yesterday was also Valentine’s Day. I actually had forgotten about it until a friend mentioned it. I don’t usually celebrate the holiday; never had a reason. And I guess I didn’t really celebrate it yesterday either. But the major difference that sets aside previous years is that I spent it this Hallmark day with a person I like. So what did we do, you ask? I’ll give you some hints: we began with the Rage Virus and beers, and topped the night off with a certain vampire avenger and his own little Scooby Gang — we left off on the one where Darla returns all preggers and ready to pop out the prophecy child.

Today, I finally got around to rolling out of bed and coming to work around 11AM. Fun job for the day: reformat all the master file forms and make them look more presentable. Hooraaaaayyyyyy…. Currently, I’m giving my brain a break and writing this blog.

[Side note: I listen to classical music while I write. That funeral march song we always hear in movies and such just came on. “Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 35: III. Marche Funebre (Lento)” by Chopin, in case you wanted to know the real name.]

Tonight is D&D Friday! Be sure to follow my buddies on Twitter to get the latest news on what’s happening in our game. I assure you, there is never a dull update. You can catch our game by following Shaun (@pneumaz), Laura (@drmrstheawesome), James (@jhota42), and Rico (@allprorico) under the hashtags #DnD and #DnDFriday.


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