Social Blackout – Days 4 & 5

This picture seems totally inappropriate for the first few paragraphs below. It kinda isn’t, but only if you knew. Only if you knew.

Day 4 – “Don’t look at the snake! Don’t even THINK about the snake!” (inside joke)

Yesterday was super busy for me. It was one of those days where even if I could look at Twitter and Facebook, I wouldn’t. February 16th is always a somber day for me and my karate family. Two years ago, our mentor and brother, Sensei Bradley, died of a sudden heart attack. It rocked all of us.

I trained with him for eight years, not only was he preparing me to become a black belt, but he was also teaching me to be a teacher. During his last few years, our relationship became a distant one. He lived mostly in North Carolina at the time to pursue new ventures in his company; I kind of resented him for that. He left us with a teacher I could not respect. I never had the heart to tell everyone while he was alive, and I still can’t bring myself to mention it at all now that he’s gone. Guilt has a way of making you torture yourself mentally (and silently in my case), especially if the person you once adored yet declared petty hatred towards is no longer around to forgive you.

As a celebration to his memory, most of the karate family and I visited his grave. We were immediately greeted by two very wet (it had been raining), very playful dogs. They accompanied us the whole time we were there. I like to think they were there to make us feel better, especially Joe, Brad’s youngest brother. He broke off from the group for a few minutes to walk around. The dogs kept their distance at first, played with Paige. When he was ready, the dogs almost immediately ran to him. It was a fun sight to see.

After we left, our next stop was Waffle House. Brad, for some reason, loved Waffle House. Who doesn’t, though? Yes it’s dirty, you come across some questionable looking folk, some of the other, non-breakfasty foods make you wondering why eating that was a good idea at the time, it’s dirty…. But nonetheless, we had some great memories eating with Brad at a Waffle House. This always lightened our mood. We didn’t necessarily talk about Brad the whole time there. I instead see it as a way of maintaining a tradition he started. In his own quirky way, he always brought most (if not all) of us together. Bad jokes and puns abound, followed by stories and little anecdotes that always had everyone reeling and holding their sides.


The rest of the evening consisted of much wine and Cards Against of Humanity. Those of us who stuck around thought it would have been a perfect game for Brad. He always shared with us a twisted, and sometimes childish, sense of humor.

Day 5 – “Chicken and Sons”

So Saturday was busy. Today won’t be. I can feel it in my bones. Or that could be the ginormous fried chicken lunch I had. Hey, I had only one meal yesterday. The only regret I feel is not having enough room for more chicken.

My uncle made his hundredth attempt to fix me up with some Navy recruits at Church today. I lost interest in his games months ago. When he pointed to a group of youngin’s just outside the church, without looking, I just simply shrugged my shoulders and said “Meh.” The trouble with the men he points me to is that A) they’re practically infants having just graduated from high school, or whatever; B) they’re not all that appealing, especially now.

This morning I discovered Mumford and Sons. I know, right? Finally. I kinda love these guys. Also, NBC finally released a full soundtrack of their fake Marilyn musical from the TV show Smash. I won’t lie, that show holds a special place in my guilty pleasures box. I totally downloaded the shit out of Mumford and Bombshell from iTunes.

Again, no video blog. I’m starting to think I’m never going to get around to making another one. There are certain moments where I don’t mind (as much) hearing myself speak: having a conversation with the Shauncastic cast, or reciting lines in different voices. However, I have so much self-loathing that I can’t bring myself to turn on that damn camera and talk about my day. I feel like this daily update as it is now has been serving enough purpose to where I can coherently reflect on everything that’s happening currently and pass on those reflections to you readers.


2 thoughts on “Social Blackout – Days 4 & 5

  1. So why is it that you don’t like your voice? Back in the days when Shauncastic was basically just you, Shaun, and Jeff I always thought that Shaun did a great job of finding some people who are really great to listen to. I had a problem with my voice on Shauncastic but that’s just because my microphone makes it sound like I’m talking on a crowded street and having to hear myself over white noise. Now that I bought a decent mike for Comic Action Theater I’m ok with listening to myself. Just kinda curious…

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