Social Blackout – Days 6 & 7

So wrong and awesome.
“You make your own luck.”

Day 6 – Mix Tapin’

Song of the day: “Yamaha” by Delta Spirit

Nothing special happened during the day. I was really tired all day for some reason, plus the weather was FRIGID. I’m all for cool weather and all, but that was just ridiculous. During my break, I watched my fellow Woman of Geekdom, Dodger, make a pair of Portal 2 Lazy Susans. I might give it a try with Batman art. Maybe the ladies of Gotham City Sirens?

There wasn’t a whole lot going on at work. As I said, nothing special. To try to relieve myself from boredom, I opened up Pages and stared at it for 10 minutes. The goal was to start writing a short story for my nieces who are 5 and 4 years old. It was weird. I had a cart full of ideas, and the general message that I wanted to get into the story, but I was having a hard time pushing it all up the imaginary hill that had suddenly turned into a mountain. This always happened to me when starting a paper or short story. Only, the former always had the smaller hill. A speed bump.

Maybe if I just make an outline for now and include some artwork, it might help manifest the words easier.

By the time evening came around, things got better. I sweet talked a guy into making me a mix tape. There wasn’t much arm twisting. I asked for music recommendations, he offered to make a playlist for me. I playfully simplified the idea as his making a mix tape for me, complete with pen doodles and heart stickers. Remember mix tapes? Not simple at all, but it ruled over our pre-teen to teen years back in the 90s. In return, I was to dip into my recipes of baked goods and make some cookies. It’s a fair trade, I think.

I know we’re both adults, but dag gum, it’s cute and dorky and I like it.

I almost forgot! I bought a dress from What a great place to find trendy and cutesy looking clothes. I scoured the site for an hour or two looking for a good dress to wear to a wedding I’m attending in a few months. I found this, plus a black cardigan:

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 5.31.08 PM

Ain’t it cute??? Good grief, I’m getting more girly by the second…

Day 7 – Cookies and Iron

Song of the day: “Say it to Me” by Glen Hansard

Working again! Slowly rebuilding my work ethic after leaving my job at a movie theater. Before I left, I worked in the projection booth. I left because I didn’t want to start getting replaced by robots (aka. digital projectors).

My mom, who is also my boss nowadays, has this impeccable way of cluttering up important documents. It’s a pile of chaos only she knows how to navigate…sometimes. Part of my job lately has been to translate and organize all of said chaos, even type out papers that were hand-written. I swear, it feels like translating a dead language using the Rosetta Stone sometimes.

I was going to make cookies today. Like, a few minutes ago, the plan was to make them while the kitchen was empty and the oven still warm from making meatloaf. But now I believe I’ll just finish this one cheat sheet for my mom and save the cookie making for tomorrow. Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion that my dad will eat most of them before Thursday even gets here.

Tonight I go back to the gym with my pops. Last week was unusually busy social-wise, so I didn’t get much of a chance to visit the gym or run in the park as often as I usually do. That will change, yessir! The goal, my dad says, is to bench 100 lbs then do as many push ups as I can within two minutes. Weight training is the theme tonight. Tomorrow will be running and cardio.

I am a beast!
I am a beast!

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