Intro to Geek #21, Shauncastic 122


Shauncastic 122

Remember all those after school and Saturday morning cartoons you used to watch? How many of them were Disney toons? For me and my age group (I’m 26), Disney ruled most of my afternoons and Saturday mornings. Below is a list with their respective theme songs:
The Gummi Bears
Duck Tales
Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck

Gargoyles is by far the superior one on the list with Darkwing Duck in close second. Other shows I would like to add are
The Weekenders
Pepper Ann
Mighty Ducks
Goof Troop

…and just about every other Disney cartoon based off of their movies.

This week’s Intro to Geek is Barbarella. What can I say on this blog  that I haven’t already said on the podcast?

I hated it.

It’s stupid.

Don’t watch it.

Unless you’re a 13-year-old boy. Kid, this is the closest to porn you’re gonna get without freaking out your parents (too much) if they ever decide to barge into your room and catch you fappin’ it to a barely clothed Jane Fonda.

If you’re a woman, RUN AWAY.

If you care about story, GET THE HELL OUT!

If you’re a masochist, save yourself the trouble and just bash your head against the wall.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 10:00
Disney Afternoons: 24:30


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