Social Blackout – Days 8 & 9

Day 8 – Muscle cramps, the breakfast of champions

So an issue of GameInformer came in the mail yesterday, and I realized: I mostly get my gaming, comic book, and movie news from certain pages and people I follow on Twitter and Facebook. After finally logging on to IGN, Geek Tyrant, and Geek Magazine (, I realized I missed a number of things. First and foremost, the just-revealed Playstation Dual Shock 4 controller. It sounds…interesting. With just this reveal alone, it gives us a tiny perspective on what we can expect out of the PS4 console itself. I’ll keep my reservations to myself in the meantime.

In other gaming news, Bungie announced a game called Destiny.

Could this be Bungie’s new flagship title since the Halo series? It certainly looks that way. At least, that’s how they’re treating it. From what I’ve seen through the announcement video, it looks as though the game will continue on via smartphones and such. But just how inclusive are the extra peripheries? Other games have dabbled with the idea, most recently (that I can think of) being Mass Effect 3 with its “Galaxy Readiness” mini game through Apple apps and Mass Effect: Infiltrator. It looks interesting indeed, and worth following when more news comes out.

In TV news, I was happy to discover that Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, “the better episodes of Heroes”) is getting another show on air. NBC is giving us Hannibal. Yes, that’s right. Hannibal Lector will grace us with his creepy presence once again. The guy playing this charismatic cannibal is Mads Mikkelsen. No matter what role I see him in, he’ll always be that creepy stalker assassin-y guy from Charlie’s Angels.


I finished my first play through of Journey! It’s really short, about 2 hours long. It’s so gorgeous. This is probably my second or third play, come to think of it. I sampled the game at a friend’s house and later decided to buy my own copy. I just bought the PSN version of the game, not the disc which comes with Flow and Flower. I had just enough money in my PayPal account that I completely forgot about until then. Yay me!

Journey is such a calm and relaxing game, even the most casual of gamers will be able to get into it. No difficult button mashing, no complex puzzles you need to look up on the internet to be able to solve… The only thing you have to be afraid of is being discovered by a giant monster who will eat your ridiculously long scarf.

Anyway, play this game. You wont regret it.

Day 9 – “I did what now?”

I made oatmeal cranberry cookies with crushed almonds and honey glazed on top. Mmmmmm! I can’t stop eating them. This will surely set me back some with my dieting. But whatevs. So fucking gooooooodddd!

Just a few minutes ago, I got some texts from my friend Joe. God bless him for always keeping an ear out for me on small job opportunities. It’s definitely a welcomed change of pace from his constant threats to set me up with an online dating account if I didn’t find me a man soon. The bastard.

Several texts later, I think I may have signed myself up to teach an after school creative writing class to a bunch of youngsters at a prep school. Details and results to come when I get them.

Movie night tonight! Will be watching Argo and possibly Skyfall if we can manage it. Don’t watch Here Comes the Boom. My friends texted me saying that “It blew like a crack head hurricane.” Their words, not mine. I’m not sure if I fully understand that metaphor…


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