Food for thought – Bumper stickers are stupid…and possibly dangerous

What bumper stickers can tell about you to complete strangers…

  1. In what subdivision you live
  2. How many people are in your family
  3. Where your daughter/son goes to school
  4. What sports your kid(s) play(s)
  5. Kid’s jersey number (maybe even his/her name)
  6. Political stance
  7. Your hobbies
  8. Likes and dislikes

Now I’m a person who is prone to paranoia from time to time, so naturally something like this came to mind one day while sitting in traffic, staring at some soccer mom’s bumper stickers for half an hour. She had a complete stick figure family plastered on the back of her white minivan. They also had names on the bottom. Not nicknames like the picture above, actual names. I also know that she has a kid attending one of a few Catholic middle schools in the city, another who plays football at THE ONLY Catholic high school in the city, an honor student, I know what neighborhood she lives in, and blah blah too much information blah. It’s kind of like leaving on your Facebook and Twitter account on your computer for any passerby to see, or hanging out all of your dirty laundry out there in the internet and forgetting to turn on your privacy settings. I don’t mean to cast a shadow of fear over anyone’s head, but wouldn’t this sort of thing make a job for any clever stalker (or whomever) easier than normal?

I also hate bumper stickers. They’re tacky. Sure I had one on my car, but you can thank my parents for that faux pas. You can still see the crusty, dirty remains of the extra sticky adhesive left by my year-long attempt to tear that sucker off.

I know stickers are fun. We have that residual, kiddy need to stick anything with an adhesive back onto our belongings that tells everyone “Hey! This is mine! Look how much different my Trapper Keeper is from yours now!” But let’s at least keep it limited to our MacBooks, mirrors, books…just anything but that $30,000 piece of machinery.


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