Social Blackout – Day 13

Day 13 – “Argo fuck yourself!”

I didn’t catch all of the Oscars last night. In fact, I just caught the tail end of it. The movie with the best line won the evening, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty TIED for Best Sound Mixing, and Adele killed “Skyfall” like a beast despite having to battle with the Oscars’ own sound mixing. And how great was the “Wrap it up” song? The Jaws theme? Classic Seth. One thing I did feel sad about missing was the opening monologue. Until now. Cuz I have it. Embedded to this post. Enjoy!

Oscars 2013 – Opening Number With Seth… by IdolxMuzic

NOTE: The video itself won’t show up on the page, but the link’s headline is still there. The image is just there for fun filler.

THIS JUST IN: My cat, “Mister,” has decided to sleep in the litter box. None of the cats actually use it since they are trained to go outside, but still…


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