Social Blackout – Day 14

Day 14 – Sex, Fairy Tales, and Goblins

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.03.57 AMIf only you can see my notebook, you guys. Scores and scores of crossed out prose and poems that are just not doing it for me. My poor Moleskine. I’ve been trying to write a little tale for my nieces. They’re just old enough to appreciate bedtime stories read by their mother. Once more, my wallet is still feeling the beat down it took last year when I decided to spoil them with Shel Silverstein and Neil Gaiman books and nerdy toys. This would usually be the time where I give up for now and scroll through the many updates on Facebook and Twitter, maybe even gleam a few ideas from my friends. Not this day, nor any other day until the end of March *cries*.

The basic idea keeps shifting: problem the first. I’m pretty sure (right this moment) that I want to do an epic infused with fairy tale elements. No wait, scratch that, reverse it. Add in a poem at the beginning. Kind of a story within a story. I don’t know. Still mulling it around in this crazy, disorganized, 100-miles-a-minute brain of mine. At least I got the character names pinned down: Maddy and Duck. There’s also a horse named Artichoke.

Yesterday, while I was trying to come up with a theme, my brain traveled to the characteristics of an epic, to the characteristics of a fairy tale, to archetypes, to Carl Jung’s archetypes, to “Where the hell is that paper I wrote on Scheherazade and the many Jungian archetypes represented in her story?” I had a whole printout of Carl Jung stuff. The time I wrote this particular paper, I and my roommate were watching a bunch of Northern Exposure episodes on DVD. A character, as you may know, always referenced Carl Jung. Jung worked closely with Freud, and we English majors are just about one of the only groups left who still works closely with Freud’s theories when deconstructing a character in a psychoanalytical paper. I thought using Jung would be a nice change of pace. Aced that sucker, by the way 🙂

In my internet perusing earlier today, I came across a poem I hadn’t read in a long time: “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti. It’s a fairly sensual tale about two girls, one of them succumbing to the temptations of sex – I mean! the many tasty fruits that the goblins offer. It’s one of my favorite poems considering the Brit Lit class I was in was not a…well, favorite.


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