Intro to Geek #22, Shauncastic 123

20120930-143429.jpgShauncastic 123

Remember the days of ol’ where we were kids, watching an episode of Star Trek and wishing we could have our own computer tablet? A stylish pair of VR rays? A holodeck? Except for that last part, the future has come!

This is actually a special episode recorded from a panel at Dragon*Con 2012. The cast features Gary from Rev Sci-Fi and the awesome guys from Dr. Geek’s Lab.

IMG_0550This week — or rather last Wednesday because I have no concept of time anymore — I talk about The Blob (1958) starring Steve McQueen.

It’s your classic standard drive-in movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but not in the way one would back when this movie first came out. It is hilarious. The Blob certainly is not a timeless film, but it is a gem.

There is an 1988 version that Shaun says is much more gruesome. I’m a bit afraid to delve into that version. One day. One day.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 01:00
How Soon Is Now?: 17:45
Mark Danger Theme Song 01:18:45


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