Social Blackout – Day 29

Day 29 – Black Smoke Rising

It’s ah me! Da Spacey Pope-ah!

Hey, guys! The new pope is elected today. As I write, CBS news is yammering various factoids and trivia about the papacy and the election in 2005. Remember that? All the confusion — is the smoke black? Is it white? WE DON’T KNOW! Seems like yesterday. Might as well have been…

Tomorrow I go to the Charleston Police Department to…wait for it…take a physical qualification test to see if I’m up to the challenge of becoming a beat cop. I’m super nervous, been training since January. I was supposed to take my tests then, but I was sick all December and didn’t have time to get prepared. It was rescheduled to February, but I had to fill in for my mom and our employees while they went off to Washington D.C. Then I was told I’d have to wait until April for my next test unless a slot opened up in March. Well, it’s March, so I guess a slot opened up 😀

My only concern is making enough points in my 300m sprint and 1.5-mile run (I have to make a minimum of 50 points). I have problems with my knee every now and then, and running has never really been my strong suit. I think I can make it, but I’ll probably die by the time everything’s over. Here’s what I’ll be faced with tomorrow morning:


It’s different for every department.

The big motivator I’ll have to keep in mind is if I get this job, Mom’ll stop riding my ass about getting a “real” job, I’ll have health insurance, and I’LL GET TO MOVE OUT OF MY FAMILY’S HOUSE! 

UPDATE: And the new pope is…a bunch of shadows teasing us behind the sheer curtains. Any minute now…curtains opening. Psych, guys! It’s just the cardinal to announce him. Argentina’s own…I missed the name….CARDINAL JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO, member of the Jesuit Order. He has taken the name Francis, after St. Francis who is a symbol of simplicity and poverty. So there you have it, folks, Pope Francis I.


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