Social Blackout – Day 32

Day 32 – Dungeons and Lanterns and Justice, OH MY!

One of our rangers (CB) sniped this big guy while it was charging at Laura. Naturally, the monster’s lifeless body death-rolled on top of her 🙂

“If I don’t get some monster killing in some time this month, I will literally die,” I said melodramatically before getting the text that Dungeons and Dragons is back! Shaun and Laura have been conning (the convention kind, no the other one) it up, selling PopCycled wares for the past few weekends, and so we’ve been stuck on pause for a full month. If you ask me, that’s too long to be away from my precious pixie berserker and her ability to knock down large creatures.

Today marks the untimely series finale for Green Lantern and Young Justice respectively. I’ve been pretty vocal in my dislike for this move by Cartoon Network over Twitter since the new broke out. For the past several weeks, Green Lantern and Young Justice have been hitting it out of the park with clever, action-packed, and dramatic writing.

Green Lantern the Animated Series, while wrenching my heart guts with the whole Aya situation these last few weeks, ended on a bittersweet note.

[SPOILERS] Our heroes saved all existence, Aya and Razor finally resolve their feelings for one another, and we get an emotional, albeit unintended, sendoff for our favorite characters. That Blue Lantern ring flying after Razor at the end was a nice touch, letting us viewers know where the character was heading had the show been allowed to continue. [SPOILERS END]

It’s a shame we’ll never get to see the other lantern colors, namely the Yellow and Black Lanterns. True we’ve seen the Yellow element appear throughout the series, but never in ring form. Plus, I feel cheated for only seeing Sinestro make one appearance this entire run of the series. But then, I guess we would have seen him more often in later seasons. Gah!

GLTAS may have had its ending, but Young Justice sure left us wanting more. Aptly named “Endgame,” the show sought to clean up what was left of the Reach Invasion storyline as well as tie up the Justice League on trial sub-plot.

[SPOILERS] First irk: They killed Wally. Of all the super speedsters in the DC Universe, Wally has always been my favorite. I grew up knowing only him as The Flash. Also, it seems kind of harsh to kill off a beloved character who barely had any presence this season. Poor Artemis. Second irk: The series ended on a big cliffhanger. With the Reach finally out of the way, the Light armed with War World, and Lex Luthor about to take up a position of power within the UN, Vandal Savage and the Light are free to move on with whatever plan they’re cooking up…with Darkseid. One would have guessed this was going to happen eventually, but now we’ll never know the Light’s true endgame! [SPOILERS END]

I hope that one day the execs over at Cartoon Network, or whoever, will see the error of their ways and bring these two shows back, because frankly, I just saw the TV spot for Teen Titans Go!… And just when I thought I couldn’t be more annoyed with those characters. The verdict is still out on how I feel about the new Batman series coming up.


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