Intro to Geek #23, Shauncastic 124

20120930-143429.jpgShauncastic 124

Shaun gets to talk to the execs from Valiant Comics! Publisher Dinesh Shamdasani and Executive Editor Warren Simons grace us with their presence and talk about the company’s stellar comeback and more! This is a definite listen, especially if you’re a fan of Valiant Comics.

Also…GEOMANCER BOOK! Let’s make it happen, guys! No rush, though ❤


We took a break last week (and by last week I mean the Wednesday before last), but now we’re back! Shaun and I talk about The Last Starfighter.

It’s really something to watch a movie and just feel like a kid again, like you’re traversing Nostalgia Road even though you’ve never seen this movie before. Furthermore, if you gamed a lot while you were a kid, haven’t you ever wished that you beat a high score and then called to save a galaxy? I don’t know about you, but I still hold out hope. LOL!

After watching this movie and talking about it on Shauncastic, I talked about it with other people. Maybe one person I talked to about this movie has never heard of The Last Starfighter, and that’s because she’s is a couple years younger than I am and her geek niche lies more within the fantasy realm. For those who knew about the movie, their eyes lit up and threw their heads back in excitement to laugh or gush loudly about how much they love it. As for the one girl who had never heard of it, I showed it to her, and she enjoyed it. May not be her favorite movie, but she had fun.

I continue to enjoy this movie; I practically stole a DVD copy from Shaun to watch over and over again.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 01:00
A Conversation with Dinesh Shamdasani and Warren Simons: 22:20


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