Social Blackout – Day 34

Day 34 – Color Me Sick Days

Parents away on vacation. PERTEH TERHM! Not really. They left Friday and are coming back tonight. Furthermore, I still have to look after their yippie little dogs, the cats, birds, and the family business. They like animals. I don’t resent this. It’s been years since they went on a vacation together. Plus, I’m leaving for Baton Rouge at the end of the month 🙂

Since Thursday, I’ve been practically bed ridden thanks to a nasty cold I got that morning. I get sick pretty quickly. If I spend, say, over half an hour working out in the open cold, the ick sets in as soon as my body goes into rest. That is exactly what happened to me, and I could barely function that day and Friday. Yes, I went to D&D night that Friday, but I was hopped up on so many meds… Saturday night I felt okay. Okay enough to brave the crowds and watch the big St-Pierre/Diaz fight, that is. I’m also suffering from a bit of depression, especially during those first two days. It just hit me out of nowhere (well not really…) like a ton of bricks. My super great friend whom I’ve known for, geez, 13 years got me out of bed. We watched the MMA fights at a local sports bar, drank beer, and ate an assortment of mozzarella sticks and chicken wings. Overall, it was a much welcomed up for me.

Today I FINALLY figured out my Origin/Bioware login. This was kind of a frustrating little flea on my back because I really wanted my free soundtrack download that came with Mass Effect 3: Collector’s Edition. Thinking that I was signed into my correct profile, I could never register my game no matter how many times I input the code. Then today, it hit me. What was my email address on my Xbox before Microsoft made us all switch to their Live accounts? Bam. I’m in. Practically a whole year has gone by without coming up with that freaking idea. Oh well, whatever, now I know and knowing is half the battle (G.I. JOOOOEEEEE!).

I got a chance to look at my ranking. Frankly, I really thought I sucked more. Mostly the thought has to do with the fact that I don’t play as much as I’d like:

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 12.25.16 PM

Highlight of the day: I was listening to the latest Shauncastic podcast where Shaun interviews Valiant Comics’ Dinesh Shamdasani and Warren Simons. Shaun went to the listener questions and mentioned mine: Will there be any female centric books coming down the pipeline? Since the Geomancer from Archer and Armstrong is a woman this time around, she’d be a great character to explore. The answer was that there were no plans, but the Geomancer sounds like a great idea. Weeeeeee! My question contributed to a great idea! Take a listen to the podcast for more info on what’s to come!

As you’ve clearly noticed, I started out strong with the updates, and now the posts are coming at a trickle. I’m definitely acclimating to the absence of needing to check my phone or computer of the latest updates on what my friends are up to on Facebook and Twitter. Before, I constantly had to interact with people that I follow, even going as far as saying weird shit that would prompt reactions. This all came out of boredom, mind you. But taking myself away from what had become an obsession six days out of the week has forced me to revisit other hobbies, and even take up new ones. I’m reading again, writing in my journals, playing video games more often, baking various treats, working out, et cetera. Dad’s even showing me how to use his lathe  for pen making. I’m still ironing out the wrinkles that is my level of skill, but it’s coming along. I hope to figure out how to best collage/decorate the pens with pages from old books and comics.

Happening right now: I’m signing up for the Color Me Rad 5k run happening this weekend. Registration ends on Wednesday. I just got the invite to join Team Second Breakfast — my friends who made up the team are a bunch of nerds…LIKE ME! I thought, why the hell not? It looks fun. Granted, I can only run half of the 5k, but thankfully I’m not alone in that. All I can say now is BRING IT, SUCKAS! Pictures definitely to come after the event.


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