Social Blackout – Day 40

Day 40 – Color bombs and aerial downpours

Team Second Breakfast
Team Second Breakfast

Sorry for not posting anything since Monday. I was so preoccupied with so many other things that I completely forgot that I had a blog with which to keep up.

First up, you’ll notice that we’re on “Day 40.” A while ago, I forgot to not add Sundays into the Lenten count(up). When I realized this, I thought it to be too much trouble correcting it and so left it alone. Easter (March 31) is the end-day, folks.

So what have I been doing the last 6 days since my last post? Gaming mostly. I am on the very last boss fight on DmC: Devil May Cry. Lemme tell you all something: this game is great! I have the first Devil May Cry game, I played through, and that was good. But I dare say that I love this reboot in the franchise. Cool, bad-ass demon hunter, Dante started out as the typical cool badass demon hunter one would often see in pretty much any anime series. Face it, guys, he fits a Japanese cartoon archetype almost to a T (tee?). And that’s fine. But the new Dante, along with the rest of the game’s tone, is updated to be a grittier, more rebellious punk-ass who’s a borderline psychotic scumbag. But with more heart than his previous version — at least, that’s how I remember it. Did I mention the game has some funny trash talk? They’re a little far and few between, and not particularly creative, but the delivery just made me laugh. They all remind me of my group of friends bashing an NPC during a battle in any number of our D&D games. The music is quite a motivator too; you feel pumped when fighting a boss. I’m not too familiar with music when it comes to classifying them, but it takes from what the old games had and adds, say, a Skrillex equivalent into the mix. And then there are the visuals. The real world is dark, grey, and lacks color. But when you are in Limbo, everything just piece of rubble and disintegrating object pops out. My favorite stage is when you’re on your way to fight Lilith. You’re caught in a club scene filled with neon lights and stereo sound bars.


Ugh and the monsters are 10 times grosser looking than ever!

I could talk about DmC all day, but I want to move on to the Citadel DLC from Mass Effect 3.

“Citadel” is the very last single-player DLC in the Mass Effect series. It was pretty good. I still maintain that “Lair of the Shadow Broker” is the best DLC to come out of the series, “From Ashes” if we’re just talking about Mass Effect 3. I played this addition from my first play through, which means my decisions more or less has affected this version of “Citadel.” Without spoiling the big part of the story’s plot, “Citadel” opens up a very intriguing aspect of Shepard’s story could have opened many more doors of storytelling for the Mass Effect world if the writer’s chose to explore it via expanded universe. You also get new weapon mods and a kick-ass pistol. I’m usually not a fan of pistols, so therefore, I don’t use them in gameplay unless I’m out of ammo from the my main gun. But the one they added to this DLC is pretty powerful. Just a couple of shots, and the guy is down. The enemies are pretty challenging as well. I was particularly annoyed with their heavies. They’re similar to the Cerberus Guardians but they’re equipped with a powerful kinetic shield. You literally had to find a way to get behind them to do some damage. Sure there’s sniping them through the eye opening, but you have to be quick about it. Either I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to my surroundings like I used to, or the enemies are quick and organized.

Enemies and combat aside, “Citadel” felt more nostalgic than anything else. You get to hang out with all of your crew mates (unless they’re dead) in this one. Either individually or all together in a big party, you revisit why you fell in love with each and every character all over again. If you were slightly disappointed with the last two DLCs, don’t worry. “Citadel” is a great addition to the gameplay as well as a proper sendoff to our favorite crew.

So I went on my first 5k run yesterday. I attended Charleston’s first ever Color Me Rad event where you not only get to run for three miles, but you also get pelted with mounds of colored corn starch along the way. I was originally signed up for the 11 o’clock wave, but my teammates were up for the 10 o’clock wave. Realizing that there was no regulation of which wave you belonged to on the site, I went ahead and ran with my team in the 10 o’clock. Lucky I did. As soon as 11 hit, it started to rain. I had so much fun running with friends. It was a lot easier for conversing with someone rather just listening to my iPod. It kept my mind off of being tired longer than usual. Below are some pictures as promised.



Afterward, I hung out with my friends, the Angelas, and watched them do their aerial workouts. They’ve been trying to get me to join them. All in due time, ladies. All in due time 🙂


Later that night I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in six months. Don’t ask me why we hadn’t hung out in that long, it just happens that way sometimes. It was awesome hanging out with him. We always have a wide variety of subjects and rants to trade off, all enjoyable. I realize that it’s one thing to converse with friends over Twitter and Facebook, but it’s an entirely  different experience talking with those same people in person. In my case, I love conversing with them in person way more. Not only do you get to have an actual conversation rather than spout out half a paragraph in a span of an hour over ONE subject via text, but you also get to see their smiling faces (and vice versa) as they (literally) laugh out loud with you.


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