Social Blackout – Day 42

Day 42 – It’s a damn shame


If you live in a rough neighborhood like I do, reality hits you a lot quicker and a lot more often than, say, someone who lives in suburbia. And if you’re like me — filled with grandiose images of comic book/action heroes who yearn for justice — than you’re either imagining someone will hopefully pick up the proverbial torch and rally the people to stop the violence, or you yourself will take up a mantle to bravely roam the streets and stopping crime around every corner.

Then again, reality is a hard mistress.

I’m not saying that I wore my underwear on the outside and roamed the dangerous, poorly lit streets that is my neighborhood. I’ll be damned if I end up in the “bad ending” of Kick-Ass. But then I hear news reports and neighbors talking about young teens armed with guns and shooting a baby at point blank because the mother wouldn’t get out of her car fast enough, some guy throws a small child out of the window of his movie SUV, shootings out in the open over some drugs… And this is just this week.

You almost wish that the Boondock Saints brothers were real.

Such is the consequence of poor to no education whatsoever. I used to volunteer at an elementary school down my street — I helped out one of the teachers for a whole day by keeping the kids in line and reading them stories. Most of the children I worked with were definitely products of parents addicted to drugs, in prostitution, or just barely living paycheck to paycheck with a welfare supplement because they have no discernible skills nor the proper education level. Or he/she just a foster child to a family looking for a check from the system. There are parents who even stop taking their kids to school (oftentimes before the 6th grade) because the child has to start taking care of his/her younger siblings, or their sick grandmother, whatever the reason.

It’s a shame because you know some of them, despite whether they show promise now at a young age or not, are going to grow up and become just like the messed up grown-ups in their neighborhood, thus continuing the cycle.

And politicians want to funnel more money into our military while the brass themselves are saying they need smarter people enlisted into their ranks? Year after year, education gets the lower end of the stick when it comes to government spending. The US spends more money on its military than 12 different countries combined (Kindergarten Stop). Does that seem right to anyone? I’m a big supporter of education, and I truly believe it is the preventer of a lot of what’s wrong with our country. Then year after year, I am disappointed by our lawmakers and representatives who continue to favor frivolous toys over the greater good.


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