Social Blackout – Day 43

Day 43 – Come fly with me


I don’t always get 3G on my T-Mobile network for my phone anywhere in Charleston except at a Wal-Mart in West Ashley, but when I do, it’s in the Atlanta Airport…

Got up this morning at the ass-crack of 5am after dozing to a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO. My mom opened the door to see if I was already awake. She didn’t say anything, but I instantly awoke as soon as her fingers delicately touched the doorknob. I have this thing about people entering my room. I guess you can say I’m like Smaug from The Hobbit. I get very protective of my room and everything in it. That is, until I myself break something in a fit of rage or frustration, or if I died too many times on Assassin’s Creed… You get it.

I’m in Atlanta now; my flight’s a little late. It seems like every connecting flight out of Atlanta is always a little late. Am I right, folks? Before leaving my house, I checked the probability of getting to Baton Rouge on time. My itinerary from Priceline said that both of my flights leaving from and going to Atlanta have a 40-something percent chance of making it to the gate on time. C’mon, folks, really? That’s a little sad.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see my old college roommate, Helana.

Oops. Boarding now! See you in Baton Rouge!


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