Come to the Dark Side, Luke, we have cookies

Never mind that North Korea has basically declared war on its neighbor, never mind that there are still schools supporting some type of segregation, and pshaw on North Carolina battling each other over whether or not they should have a state religion. Something far worse has happened in the world: Disney is closing down LucasArts.

This news circulated all through the internet, particularly Twitter, all day yesterday. We’re all quite acquainted with it. Now some bloggers are saying that Star Wars may have already shot themselves in the foot with previous games that sealed the company’s inevitable demise. While I agree with some of the points presented — a lot are naming The Force Unleashed 2 — I still have to put my foot down and say, “No.”

If we go by the logic of “Some of their more recent games sucked” than that argument goes double for Disney itself. Both companies have produced some pretty big critical flops (remember Epic Mickey?), and LucasArts has admittedly not made any huge contributions to this gen’s consoles. However, if you want to go by numbers, Disney cranks out pretty awful games directed at kids and parents who don’t know any better ALL THE TIME.

I’m not saying Disney should close its own doors to gaming, but rather direct all the grown-up subject material to LucasArts. It’s not really all about Star Wars, y’know.

Instead of a complete closure of an iconic company, how about a reconstruction of operations?

Then again, they could be rebranding. But did 150 employees have to be laid off if that’s the case? Snoop Dog is rebranding himself to Snoop Lion, but the same guy is still there. He’s just equipped with a different message now.

We don’t know all of the details of what’s to become of the IPs currently in limbo thanks to LucasArts closed down, nor do we fully understand how Disney came to this decision. We’ll know in time, sooner better than later.

I’ve exhausted most of what I wanted to say over Twitter, Facebook, and outraged texts to my mutually betrayed friends. I just hope 1313 gets finished one way or the other after all of the promise it showed last year.

All I know is, every optimist out there, including me, is feeling a little like they’re eating a fat crow from the garbage right now.


2 thoughts on “Come to the Dark Side, Luke, we have cookies

  1. I’m still bummed that they cancelled Battlefront 3. I grew up with Battlefront, and I wonder if they would be closing if they had finished BF3, and it did as well as they expected.

    1. I don’t know about Battlefront, but I’m super bummed about 1313. Was really looking forward to a Star Wars where you *weren’t* a Jedi.

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