Intro to Geek #27, Shauncastic 128

ShauncasticListen to Shauncastic 128 here!

The Shauncastic cast talk about FOX’s decision to shut down the selling of handmade Jayne Cobb hats. There are tons of hand-made crafts modeled after licensed IPs. Where do the legalities begin, and where do they end?

***Nothing in this podcast should be considered legal advice or constitute an attorney-client relationship with anyone listening to the recording. All statements are purely personal opinion.**


Hmm… Now I want a Jayne hat. As a birthday present, maybe? *wink wink*


This week, Shaun and I talk about The Goonies!

Remember when kids were allowed to play outside without the supervision of familiar adults? When you would play pirates with the neighborhood kids over a water-filled ditch until the dusk?

Do kids even do that anymore?

Anyway, I see The Goonies as a fantastical version of kiddy adventures brought to life.

Timeline Notes!!!
Intro To Geek: 10:32
The Jayne Hat Controversy: 36:15
Behind Schedule: 01:42:50




The Legal Geek’s discussion about Regeneration on the Validity of the Will.
The Buzzfeed Article about the Jayne Hat on Etsy

And stay tuned for Behind Schedule with Bree Brouwer!


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