Bacon Pancakes

as seen on Etsy by denofevilprints

This song has been stuck in my head all weekend. ALL. WEEKEND.

All of last week was busy, busy, busy. The preoccupation of my time mostly consisted of hastily, yet carefully constructing my Rockabilly Batman costume for the coming weekend, which is now last weekend. I cut and hand stitched the Batman cowl out of black matte vinyl. This process literally took me the entire week; our pool table was covered in cut up materials, bits of leftover string, and patterns.

I started out by using this tutorial on Imgur by Trevor for reference. As I slowly started to shape out my head for the mask, I began to realize that I was surely getting in over my head (ha!). The only sewing I’ve ever done before then was stitching patches on my gi for karate and karate tournaments.

While Trevor’s tutorial gave some insight on how he did it, it didn’t exactly have enough for me to go on, being a beginner and all. For instance, how he came up with those particular patterns makes no sense to me whatsoever, especially around the bat-ears. I went to another website that gave me a coif pattern. I took the route that made my cowl look more like a cap and not a full coif, so I made the appropriate adjustments.

After measuring and cutting, the next challenge was to the sewing. I had curved upholstery needles as well as upholstery thread — definitely essential tools compared to the standard needle and thread, otherwise, you’ll have hard time of it.

"Smoothing out the edges" on one of the side pieces to the bat-cap.
“Smoothing out the edges” on one of the side pieces to the bat-cap.
What NOT to do when finally attaching the middle and side pieces together. Also, the cap was too big here, so I had to trim the middle by two inches.
Much better! I learned by chance that to make a cleaner look, sew together the folds from the inside.
The ears were a challenge. Took all day to figure out how to make them look just right. The mask part underneath is just a cheap costume mask I got from Target, and the goggles came from last year’s Ramona Flowers cosplay.
Almost finished!
The final look of my Batman costume! I just grabbed an old gray t-shirt and spray painted the bat-symbol on it. The utility belt came from a friend who used to work in security.

I must say, this look came together extremely well. Nothing is more satisfying than driving through the streets of Atlanta and walking in a hibachi restaurant in full Batman garb.

Yes, I did this.

Last weekend, in case you aren’t or haven’t been following my Twitter feed, I and some friends attended a bachelorette party in Atlanta. The bride-to-be wanted is really big on cosplaying. She wanted all of us party-goers to come in a themed costume. The vote came down to villains and superheroes.

It. Was. Awesome.

The party consisted of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Batman (me), Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Po from Kung-Fu Panda, and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. We had a lot of on-lookers, even a little girl coming up to say hi.

Harley Quinn tickled me the most. She had come from strict household where she never drunk alcohol, eat meat, flirty with a guy (and then give him her number), or worn a costume. She was aptly given the title of “Virgin” when we received our name tags later that night. No, I’m not telling you mine; however, it might be easy to guess considering who Batman is when he’s not wearing the cape and cowl. We popped as many cherries as there were actual cherries in Harley’s cocktail. There are a lot of cherries.

Afterward, we returned to Wonder Woman’s MANSION. Well, it wasn’t hers, per say, it was her aunt’s. WW lives in the au pair side of the house, which is bigger than most apartments I’ve been to. Yeah…rich people, amiright? WW’s very nice aunt let us carry on the festivities in the basement where there was a bar and a private movie theater. Rich people! RIGHT??? There I discovered that White Russians are made better with Bailey’s Irish Cream (it makes a WORLD of difference), some men don’t like receiving BJs, and at least one of us has never had the chicken pox 😉 Alcohol and “Never Have I Ever” is a good source of juicy info — if you can remember.

We ended the night with strippers. Well, not really. The original plan was to put on Magic Mike in the theater, but the streaming system wasn’t working out. Instead we watched Burlesque, aka sparkly sparkly brain rot. It’s better when you’re drunk, I found.


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