I’m on a blog!

A week ago, I was asked to write for Agents of Geek on Screen Invasion, another geek blog. I said, “OF COURSE!”

Bam. I’m in. Don’t worry, guys, I’m not leaving the Intro to Geek blog out to dry. Posts will continue to flow through its digital pages on a weekly basis, especially when a new Shauncastic podcast comes out. Below is a link to my first ever post for Screen Invasion:

15 Must-Read Comic Books Without Superheroes

This will be the only time I link an article I write for Screen Invasion on this site, so be sure to look out for new updates 2-3 times a week via Twitter or Facebook!

I’m very pleased to be writing for another blog like Screen Invasion. To me it means that my writing is being perceived as something worthwhile to other people, and they trust me enough to write under their name. Hopefully I can continue cranking out great stuff for you guys both on here and with Agents of Geek, or wherever else I happen to find myself in the future.


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