Intro to Geek #28, Shauncastic 129


Shauncastic 129

Today is 75th anniversary of Superman’s debut. Happy Birthday, Supes! Please don’t go crazy and kill us all…

Join the Shaun and company as they talk about Superman and why he is still so relevant today. My loyalties will always lie with Batman. So…yeah.

Hey, this ALMOST looks like my current crew. Almost. I don’t think any of us carry a sword. I have a double-sided axe, each blessed with a fire or ice element respectively.

This week, Shaun, Laura and I change things up a bit and talk about Dungeons & Dragons, the table-top, RPG version.

We lend some of our seasoned advice to those just now coming into D&D or looking to get into/start a game.

Indeed, it may take some research (and a calculator if you’re not so quick with the math), but once you’re fully immersed into the games, you’ll never want to come back out. In my experiences so far, D&D has been a thrill to play. Come and listen to this week’s episode of Shauncastic right now! 🙂

And don’t forget that my D&D buddies and I broadcast our games through Twitter every Friday night. I won’t be in this week’s game since I’m attending a class reunion, but my teammates are just as hilarious. Just follow #DnDFriday on Twitter starting 7pm EST.

Timeline Notes!!!

Intro To Geek: 9:56
The Man of Steel: 35:30
Behind Schedule: 01:43:20

The Amazing 3rd trailer to “Man of Steel”

Intro To Geek: This week’s review is Dungeons & Dragons – with Christina “The Brownie”!

Behind Schedule: Bree Brouwer hosts this weekly segment about awesome video game news you may have missed!


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