Mekton Z – Pacific Rim vs. Cthulhu

Mekton Z

[UPDATE: After much deliberation, I think I may have found a theme song, which gives us stat bonuses if it plays during the game. It was a toughy. I went from Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” to Ke$ha’s “Take It Off,” and finally to Nico Vega’s “Beast.” I figured I’d want more of an adrenaline pumper than a night at the club type of music.]

A  break is coming up in my D&D group’s story line and Shaun and Laura presented to the rest of us a new game to cool our jets: Mekton Z.

I’ve never heard of the game before last Friday, and I was a little wary of stepping into a new table-top RPG. That is…until Shaun said that the game is based off of typical mecha anime and that our characters would resemble any sort of archetypical anime character in a mech series.


Our story is pretty much inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movie PACIFIC RIM, but it has a very Cthulhu spin to it. *Squeeee!* The base of the plot is pretty much this: Our world is invaded by Cthulhu and his army of monsters. Humanity has either defected to his sinister forces or are locked in a never-ending struggle to save all of mankind. To combat Cthulhu’s army, a special few are allowed to pilot mechs. That’s pretty much the gist of all that’s happening in the world.

What makes this game interesting are the characters we were allowed to make. Each player is given a blank sheet with empty stat boxes in which we get to fill in via way of rolling some d10s (this game only uses d10s and d6s). But before that we roll for what our character is going to be. Whatever we roll, that’s the feature/straight/situation our character has respectively. You’d be amazed at how some rolls become natural fits for some of us.

Here’s what I got:

1. I come from a working class family
2. My parents defected over to Cthulhu’s forces, my family’s in bad standing with the rest of society, and I risk losing everything
3. My family is exiled off-planet, but I return to Earth under an alias.
4. My goal: hunt down my family and make them pay.
5. I have 6 siblings, only two of them like me.
6. I have 5 friends: 2 father figures (Shaun says I should make them my adoptive gay dads ^_^), 2 male co-workers/partners, 1 female friend.
7. I’m romantically involved. For now…
8. Long red hair, green eyes
9. Personality: shy & secretive
10. What I value most in the world: VENGEANCE!!!
11. Valued possession: musical instrument (at first it was a flute, but then I decided on a violin)
12. Favorite person in the world: youngest sister (I decided that she had died)

And these are just the results from my character rolls. Stat rolls came later.

Through the course of the night, my character progressed into a 16-year-old rising pop idol who is just now taking up arms to fight in the war. She’s the only rookie in the group. Everyone else chose to be older and more experienced. That decision turned out to be super hilarious for some. With each year you add on from age 16, you get to roll a certain amount of d10s. Laura, whose character was sold into prostitution by her dick family, rolled scenarios in where she was victim in (I think) two major accidents, leaving disfiguring scars on her once beautiful face. You could say that Laura’s is the anime character formerly known as “The (busty) Babe” archetype. HA! Dallas, with his typical luck, made a roll that killed his entire unit when he was a rookie.

Last night, Shaun was looking through inspirations on what our individual mechs will look like once he’s done “building” them. For me he found this little pink number from the Cyber Troopers franchise. I’m not one for pink, but I kinda love this idea. Since becoming a pixie in D&D, I found myself exerting cutesy tendencies. Then this time around, I think I might combine my old sneaky drow (who had a knack for disguises) with the cute pop idol/shy girl personalities. I think I’ll take the whole Hannah Montana angle where my character is an over-the-top pop star in one scene, and a normal looking girl in another. I figured that this is how she gets to move around as freely as she needs without attracting too much attention. Plus, she’s supposed to be in exile, ya know?

I’m choosing Hatsume Miko as inspiration for my character’s pop idol look.
For my character in civilian mode, I’m using Ayano Kannagi from “Kaze no Stigma” as my inspiration.

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