Mekton Z: Battle for the Pacific

Mekton Z

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I’m writing a story centered around my D&D group’s new game, Mekton Z. In an earlier post, I said that we were all super excited to watch Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming action movie, Pacific Rim. To celebrate its release, we decided to take Mekton Z, a table top RPG modeled after mecha anime such as Gundam and Macross, and give it a Cthulhu spin. We had so much fun creating own characters. Obviously I had so much fun that I decided to write a story version about each game session.

Some of you don’t know this, but before Intro to Geek was created, I ran my own short story blog called Short Stories from a Penniless Geek. I was on such a writing binge at the time. I felt kinda sad that I was neglecting it ever since starting up Intro to Geek because I was spending so much time thinking about what to do next for the podcast version of this blog, as well as what else to write about that would not come up on Shauncastic.

One of my first short stories on Penniless Geek was one about my first D&D character, Chali (who is now no longer with us). I loved the character so much that I decided to create a whole new story for her outside of the game. I want to do that again, but this time use the story our DM Shaun is giving us and adapt it in short story form. Y’know, like when some movies or video games receive novelizations.

Meet Michiru LaFleur

Mekton Z: Battle for the Pacific – Prologue

By now you may have guessed that I will not be posting the shorts here. The entries would be too long for this site. It’s not impossible, I just don’t want to jam this as well as every other geek-related post together. It’d be too messy and disjointed. Instead, I’m posting each installment into Penniless Geek. I will, however, post updates here for when a new chapter is up and ready. Hell, maybe after we’re done with the game, I’ll even post “behind the scene” stuff, complete with minutes (in PDF form) and pictures each player chose to represent what their mechs and characters look like.


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