Intro to Geek #2


Intro To Geek 02: Teen Wolf

(I should come up with my own logo, huh?)

Today Shaun and I look at Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox. I heart this movie. It’s your classic 80s coming-of-age tale of a young man who finds his place in high school, oh and he is a werewolf. The film is definitely of its time, and not just cinematically or theme-wise. Sure we have party movies where kids go absolutely nuts with stunts, the camera panning past the PG-13 make-out sessions on a couch, one dude wearing nothing but a sheet and a lipstick drawing on his chest running and whoo-hooing through the party… But in the 80s, you see way more than that.

I was sort of blown away about how much kink you could get away with back then. If you’ve seen this movie, you know what I mean when I say “the party games.” Oooooh the party games! Seventeen-year-old me would not have been to one of those parties if I knew stuff like that was going on. Too intimidating.

Also, you’ll never ever see kids surfing on top of cars for fun anymore. Nope that’s reserved only for the likes of Vin Diesel. Let’s face it, kids are dumb. Even dumber now that we have YouTube to show off their stupidity.


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