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Greetings, readers! It seems that life prefers to throw me a few curveballs in succession, thus making me increasingly busy as time goes on. However, I expect a lull soon…hopefully. Maybe. Anyway! I was asked by the dashing Jim Napier (Agents of Geek) to write about D&D. I was like, “Sure, I can do that.” Of course, I knowledge of D&D is more or less a passing one, and with 4th Edition only. What to write about?

I could diplomatically call people out on their shit, y’know, certain players who HAVE to follow every rule to the letter. I recently was pulled into a conversation over Facebook about this certain topic. One of my D&D mates recapped some crazy thing that happened in the game, from which I was absent for some reason. The characters needed to get down from a mountain. There were two options: take a day and a half just hoofing it and risk the enemy winning the most important scavenger hunt of their lives, or turn a giant dead bird into a toboggan and ride down the mountain on its back. Obviously, the guys chose the latter. So far this scenario is equally fine and ridiculous and provides no cause for an über fanboy to throw up his arms and guffaw at the whole thing. No, that happened when my friend mentioned that one of the players used an Eldritch Blast to kickstart the tobogganing. Here’s the beginning of the conversation:

DnD convo 1 exerptIt goes on a wee bit more, but you get what’s going on, yes? My understanding of a fantasy-based RPG is just that, fantasy. That includes using one’s imagination for when everyone is out of combat. The standing rule in my group is if you can spin some good BS, make a high check against the DM, it can happen. Nothing too out of line, mind you. We can’t instantly turn a piece of rope into a snake unless we have the ability to do so.

Y’know what? I’ll write more about this on Agents of Geek. I didn’t think this would be a good topic, but as I write, I have just enough to say for it to be a worthy enough post for all to see 🙂

ANYWAY, as I was saying before I almost delved into a three-page rant, D&D! I said, “Sure…yadda yadda yadda…not a savant… I know! I’ll talk about alternative tabletop games!”


6 Fun Tabletop Games

I know some people just can’t make a commitment to something like D&D, because that’s what it is. The game is a commitment to your friends, your character, to wherever you decide is the best place to game, and your time. I decided to showcase other tabletop games that don’t require such involvement for more than a night. Well, except for two. Those are  other games to explore if you want to play other heavily involved tabletop RPGs.


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