Shauncastic 131: Next Gen


Shauncastic 131: The Next Generation

The Shauncastic crew and I talk about what’s to come with the upcoming new gen consoles. My posting this is a little late since E3 is already happening and we know a little more about the consoles now than we did at the recording. Actually, we recorded this podcast the weekend after MS revealed Xbox One, which has since become an even bigger disappointment to us.

The list of reasons go on forever:

    1. The enforcing of DRM (Digital Rights Management) on their games; you can’t resell the game, rent it, or borrow from a friend without paying some sort of online pass.
    2. The Xbox One has to stay connected to the internet for updates. We explain more of this on the podcast, but the fact that you need internet to keep your console running just sounds ridiculous to me. There was a time where I could not get internet to my 360 at all and had to play offline, and I know I’m not the only one who had/has connectivity issues.
    3. The Kinect 2 is basically Brother Eye/Big Brother with the potential of becoming Skynet. Seriously. Not only do you have to have Kinect 2 for your console to work at all, but it’s always on. Always. I’m sure there’s an on/off switch somewhere, but only if your don’t want to use it for the features it was actually made more, i.e. it’s main function: to enhance your entertainment viewing by being able to multitask while watching TV or hanging around XBL. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. It can also track your heart rate, your facial expressions, how you play certain games (so it can save it in the cloud where your friends can get access and compete against you even if you yourself are not playing), and all the disturbing things that fall in between. Don’t believe me? Look up Rare’s upcoming game for the Xbox One, Kinect Sports Rivals. But hey, at least it can’t tell when you’re giving it the middle finger.
    4. This one is my favorite. Yesterday in an interview with Gametrailer’s Geoff Keighley, Don Mattrick of MS pretty much said that if you can’t get online, stick with the 360. Truly, he really said that. Take a listen at around 1:50:

Now if that isn’t a slap to the face to any gamer, I don’t know what is. Clearly the guy is reacting to the ginormous fallout MS is receiving on a couple fronts: the internet and Sony dropping the mic and flipping them the middle finger. Both of these happened at the conference, figuratively, and one actually happened:

So do you see MS going back on some of its features down the line, say, with the next generation of Xbox Ones? DRM is pretty much a lockdown, especially if they’ve made deals with third-party publishers, but what about the others?

I’m going the way of the PS4. Aside from all the BS we talk about in the podcast, the PS4, to me, is coming out with better games. At the end of the day, it’s about the games. So far Sony has put an emphasis on games rather than all-around “living-room” entertainment that the MS is focusing on. And the box happens to be $100 cheaper. I call that a bonus.


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