Mekton Z Progress Report

Mekton Z


Okay, sorry about the massive delays on my Mekton Z narratives. I’ve just been extremely busy with makin’ that cheddar, as well as keep up with Intro to Geek podcasts and my Screen Invasion writing. Just last week I became acting administrator at my job, I was closely following E3, and I was guest to two podcasts: one with Screen Invasion and another with Ratchet Retrocast (I’ll be on episode 11 where we talk about The Last Starfighter).

Just yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything besides chips and guacamole since Friday. It happens when I get that busy. I promptly scarfed down some Chinese food while Shaun, Laura, and I watched the last episode of Lost.

Anyway, I have some minutes of our first two games if you guys wanna take a look at that. They’re pretty rough notes, so bare with me. Enjoy!

Mekton Z – week 1

Mekton Z – week 2


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